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Poortstad, Nieuw Windhoek

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Poortstad, Perwe, Nieuw Windhoek
Industry Oil & Natural Gas



Government of Batavië, 5. July 2010

Joraan Diep

Area Served Scandinavia, Germania, Gallia, Himyar

BP, or Batavian Petroleum, is the state-owned oil and natural gas company of Batavië. It was created in 2010 a few months after the collapse of communism in Batavië. The company's main goal is to develop the offshore oil and natural gas fields to the south and southeast of Batavië's coast. In the process the company has also been expanding abroad into joint drilling and exploration projects. The overall strategy is to drill abroad, either with or without cooperation from foreign oil companies, and to sell its petroleum fuel products to fund the development of its domestic fields.

BP bases most of its refining and distribution operations from the Batvian port city of Poortstad, which is where most of the country's refineries are and where the oil tankers can dock and offload their collected fuel. The Batavian coastal city of Perwe is also home to a few smaller refineries that process the small amount of non-diesel fuel that the company exports. BP has hired a team of international scientist and engineering experts with the aim to become the world's best deep-sea drilling company. Because all of the known domestic reserves are offshore it is essential for BP to become efficient in extracting oil and natural gas from unconventional depths and areas.

Most of the petrol stations in Batavië are BP stations and the company is quickly expanding into Arendaal, Tyskreich and the former Batavian colony of Fulanistan. BP has also launched a research inquiry into the feasibility of unmanned petrol stations for use in rural and high-traffic areas. These unmanned stations would be fuel pump stations like any other, but without a convenience shop or a tenant on call. They would likely use credit card and cash machines.

BP station day

A BP station in Luik, near Vlaanderen

BP station 2

A BP station off the A2 motorway near Robtwerpen