Hathor III of Arendaal
By the Grace of God, King of all Arendaal
King of Arendaal
Reign 1790 - 1800
Coronation August 1790, Kronstad
Predecessor Queen Helene I
Successor King Karl V
Consort Elisabeth of Lorraine
Birth 8 Jan. 1735, Emyn Arnen
Death 8 Oct. 1802, Loire
Mother Queen Beatrix I of Arendaal
Father Thomas of Franken
Issue Crown Prince Rurik
Royal House Kapétien Dynasty
House of Nareath
Full Name Hathor von Nareath-Kapét
Religion Christian (Protestant)
Buried Versailles Palace

Hathor III of Arendaal ("Hathor the Despot") (1735 - 1802) was the King of Arendaal between 1790 and 1800. He came to the throne when his niece, Helene I, was forced to abdicate after loosing the confidence of her Council and much of the nobility. Hathor's reign is remembered for the violent opposition his conservative policies encountered in the form of the Revolution of Light which lasted roughly throughout his reign.

Hathor III of Arendaal

Hathor was the second son of Queen Beatrix I of Arendaal and Prince Thomas of Franken, and younger brother of Edvard IV.

Towards the end of her 8 year reign and following the death of her husband, Queen Helene I was increasingly alienating politicians and the nobility alike with her rash behaviour.

Helene I of Arendaal, Hathor III's niece and predecessor on the throne
Aren Royalty
Kapétien Dynasty
House of Nareath

House of Lundmark
Last monarch
   Kristianna I of Arendaal
Children include
   Gustav V of Arendaal
   Isacco Beniamino II of the Talemantine Empire
   Heloise, Empress of Wiese
   Liliana,Queenof Montelimar
   Kristine,Queen ofEiffelland
Gustav V
   m1. Jacqueline of Eiffelland
   m2. Sophie of Wendmark
Children include
   Beatrix I of Arendaal
Beatrix I
   Thomas of Franken
Children include
   Edvard IV of Arendaal
   Hathor III of Arendaal
   Trigve of Arendaal
   Adelaide, Queen of Anglyn
   Klara, Queen of Cambria
Grandchildren include
   Helene I of Arendaal
   Karl V of Arendaal
Edvard IV
   m1. Evelynn of Anglyn
   m2. Victoria of Breotonia
Children include
   Helene I of Arendaal
   Victoria, Queen of Franken
Helene I
Grandchildren include
   Grand Duke Johann
Hathor III
   Elisabeth of Lorraine
Children include
   Rurik of Arendaal (married Clemence of Lorraine)
Karl V
   m1.Julienne of Cambria
   m2.Ekaterina of Serbovia
Children include
   Pieter II of Arendaal
   CzarinaAnastasia, GornoAltai
   Juliette,Queen ofCambria
Pieter II
   m1.Nadia of GreatEngellex
   m2. Anna of Wiese
Children include
   Louisa I of Arendaal
   Isabella, Queen of Franken
   Gisela,Queen of Eiffelland
Louisa I
   Arthur of Breotonia
Children include
   Anders of Arendaal (married Elisabeth of Wiese)
Grand children include
   Niklaas IV of Arendaal
   Madeleine,Empress ofWiese
Niklaas IV
   Karolina of Franken
Children include
   Freya I of Arendaal
   Louise, Queen of Anglyn
   Laine, Marquise d'Hennessy
Freya I
   Jean of Montelimar
Children include
   Sven V of Arendaal
   Alienora,Queen ofEiffelland
   Helena,Queen of Engellex
   Eliska, Queen of Cambria
Sven V
   Agneta of Suionia
Children include
   Edvard V of Arendaal
   Lena of Saxony (Wiese)
   Rikissa, Sultana of Hajr
   Varik of Arendaal
Edvard V
   Laura of Franken
Children include
   Soren of Arendaal
   Sophia of Arendaal
   Iselin of Arendaal
   Kristianna of Arendaal
   Svea of Arendaal
   Evelina of Arendaal
   Isabelle of Arendaal
   Adeliza of Arendaal
Nieces/nephews include
   Elisa, Princess of the Talemantine Empire

When his niece Helene openly had affairs and bore two illegitimate children, she tried to grant them the success- ion. Her Council called for her abdication and the Hathor III, as her uncle and next in line to the throne, agreed to be crowned King.

While Helene was visiting Lulea in the autumn of 1790, her power was usurped and Hathor was crowned in her stead. He had her placed under house arrest at Lulea Palace, where she died in 1791 giving birth to her second child. Her death and Hathor's later unpopularity triggered rumours that Helene had been murdered.

Hathor and his brothers, King Edvard IV and Prince Trigve

Hathor III was conservative in his outlook, believing in the unchallenged rights of the nobility and opposed to the power of Parliament or of popular representation. His attitudes have been exaggerated in popular memory, and thus he was been quite wrongly depicted as a despotic tyrant. In fact, while being less friendly to Enlightenment ideals than his predecessors, Hathor's style of rule did not particularly differ from theirs.

Court of Hathor III

The opposition he faced had as much to do with popular discontent with archaic political, military and economic practices which had not been effectively dealt with since the 1770s, as with his own actions. His views made him unpopular with liberals, who happily vilified him. In November 1790, Hathor III dissolved parliament, sparking a mass uprising against his rule.

Though initial violent outbursts were quickly suppressed, the ten years of his reign were marked by turmoil: the "Revolution of Light" was sometimes peaceful and sporadically violent before turning to open revolt between 1799 and 1800.

The Revolution was led by various politicians, including Hathor's nephew Karl V (at the time Karl was second in line to the throne, after Hathor's own son Crown Prince Rurik, who died in 1799).

Battle during the Revolution of Light

The larger and more moderate Revolutionary faction headed by Karl aimed to establish Arendaal as a Parliamentary Democracy with limited suffrage (for those of over a certain income level) and rights for all Aren peoples equally. In 1800, after a year of open warfare, the forces of Karl and his allies defeated those Hathor. Hathor III abdicated and was allowed to remain in residence at the Loire Chateau, where he died two years later.

Hathor III's nephew and successor, Karl V

Because of his conservative manner and the success of his political opponents, Hathor III is largely remembered in a negative light by students of Aren history. In terms of his personality, however, historians caution that he cannot be dubbed malicious: although at times he acted rashly, he was convinced of his correctness and determined to prevent what he saw as "anarchy".

He was very close to his siblings, notably to his brothers King Edvard IV and Prince Trigve (Karl V's father). In their youth he was very fond of both his nephew Karl and his niece Helene I, though he came to vehemently disapprove of her later conduct.

Hathor III's Queen, Elisabeth of Lorraine

However, it is a testament to his character that he ensured that her illegitimate children were well cared for in his own household, given large estates (Helene's son was later created the Duke of Svealand and her daughter the Countess of Goteborg by Karl V).

Hathor III's marriage to Elisabeth of Lorraine was a successful one, and the couple were united in their devotion to their only son, Rurik. They were both deeply effected by Prince Rurik's death of tuberculosis in 1799. Elisabeth maintained friendly correspondence with his nephew King Karl V before, during and long after her husband's reign.

Family, Marriage and ChildrenEdit

King Hathor III of Arendaal married Princess Elisabeth of Lorraine. Their children included:


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Hathor III of Arendaal's ancestors in four generations:

King Jakob III of Franken
King Nikolaus V of Franken
Queen of Franken
King Henrich VII of Franken
Magnus II of Arendaal, Emperor of the North
Alais of Arendaal
Diane of Breotonia
Thomas of Franken
Queen of Franken
King of Breotonia
Queen of Breotonia
Hathor III of Arendaal
Emperor Beniamino IX of the Talemantine Empire
Emperor Theodore VII of the Talemantine Empire
Talemantine Empress
Gustav V of Arendaal, Emperor of the North
Crown Prince Frederik of Arendaal
Kristianna I of Arendaal, Empress of the North
Johanna of Batavie
Queen Beatrix I of Arendaal
King of Eiffelland
King of Eiffelland
Queen of Eiffelland
Jacqueline of Eiffelland
Queen of Eiffelland

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Kapétien Dynasty
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