Katarina of Arendaal
Queen of Montelimar
Queen of Montelimar, Princess of Arendaal, Grand Duchess of Vasterhølm
Queen Consort of Montelimar
Spouse King Armand Philippe of Montelimar
Consort 2005 - present
Predecessor Anna-Maria von Gothmouge
Birth 18 November 1985
Thorvald, Arendaal
Marriage 1 June 2005, Valmy, Montelimar
Father King Edvard V of Arendaal
Mother Laura of Franken
Issue Prince Jean Edvard Philippe
Royal House House of Nareath (by birth)
House of Brissac (by marriage)
Full Name Katarina von Nareath-Kapét de Brissac
Religion Catholic (converted; born Protestant)
Siblings Crown Prince Soren
Princess Sophia
Princess Iselin
Princess Kristianna
Princess Svea
Princess Evelina
Princess Isabelle
Princess Adeliza

Katarina of Arendaal, Queen of Montelimar ("Katarina von Nareath de Brissac" ; "Katarina the Beautiful") (b. 1985) is the wife of the reigning King Armand Philippe of Montelimar and Queen Consort of the Kingdom of Montelimar. She is the eldest daughter and second child of King Edvard V of Arendaal and Laura of Franken,. By birth she is both a Princess of Arendaal and Grand Duchess of Vasterhølm. She is also the mother of the heir apparent to Montelimar's throne, Prince Jean Edvard Philippe (b. 2006)

Aren Royalty
Kapétien Dynasty
House of Nareath

House of Lundmark
Last monarch
   Kristianna I of Arendaal
Children include
   Gustav V of Arendaal
   Isacco Beniamino II of the Talemantine Empire
   Heloise, Empress of Wiese
   Liliana,Queenof Montelimar
   Kristine,Queen ofEiffelland
Gustav V
   m1. Jacqueline of Eiffelland
   m2. Sophie of Wendmark
Children include
   Beatrix I of Arendaal
Beatrix I
   Thomas of Franken
Children include
   Edvard IV of Arendaal
   Hathor III of Arendaal
   Trigve of Arendaal
   Adelaide, Queen of Anglyn
   Klara, Queen of Cambria
Grandchildren include
   Helene I of Arendaal
   Karl V of Arendaal
Edvard IV
   m1. Evelynn of Anglyn
   m2. Victoria of Breotonia
Children include
   Helene I of Arendaal
   Victoria, Queen of Franken
Helene I
Grandchildren include
   Grand Duke Johann
Hathor III
   Elisabeth of Lorraine
Children include
   Rurik of Arendaal (married Clemence of Lorraine)
Karl V
   m1.Julienne of Cambria
   m2.Ekaterina of Serbovia
Children include
   Pieter II of Arendaal
   CzarinaAnastasia, GornoAltai
   Juliette,Queen ofCambria
Pieter II
   m1.Nadia of GreatEngellex
   m2. Anna of Wiese
Children include
   Louisa I of Arendaal
   Isabella, Queen of Franken
   Gisela,Queen of Eiffelland
Louisa I
   Arthur of Breotonia
Children include
   Anders of Arendaal (married Elisabeth of Wiese)
Grand children include
   Niklaas IV of Arendaal
   Madeleine,Empress ofWiese
Niklaas IV
   Karolina of Franken
Children include
   Freya I of Arendaal
   Louise, Queen of Anglyn
   Laine, Marquise d'Hennessy
Freya I
   Jean of Montelimar
Children include
   Sven V of Arendaal
   Alienora,Queen ofEiffelland
   Helena,Queen of Engellex
   Eliska, Queen of Cambria
Sven V
   Agneta of Suionia
Children include
   Edvard V of Arendaal
   Lena of Saxony (Wiese)
   Rikissa, Sultana of Hajr
   Varik of Arendaal
Edvard V
   Laura of Franken
Children include
   Soren of Arendaal
   Sophia of Arendaal
   Iselin of Arendaal
   Kristianna of Arendaal
   Svea of Arendaal
   Evelina of Arendaal
   Isabelle of Arendaal
   Adeliza of Arendaal
Nieces/nephews include
   Elisa, Princess of the Talemantine Empire

Katarina married the King in June, 2005 at the age of 19, in a lavish ceremony in Valmy. The young Queen is famous for her extraordinary beauty and elegant demeanour. King Armand was immediately smitten by her charms upon first meeting Katarina when she was seventeen. The couple enjoy a reportedly happy marriage and have one child together.

Before her marriage, Katarina trained as a classical pianist at the Royal Academy of Music in the Aren capital of Emyn Arnen. She also excelled at the acquisition of languages - being currently fluent in no less than seven tongues - and regularly attended performances of various theatrical companies, the Aren Philharmonic, the Royal Opera and the Royal Ballet. Her love of the arts is perhaps the reason for her horror of her younger sister Princess Isabelle's budding opera career, since despite Isabelle's enthusiasm she is (without question) tone deaf.

Until she married, Katarina was second in line to the Aren throne and Grand Duchess of Svealand, at which time she signed the Covenant of Kronstad and gave up her succession rights and the title of Svealand in favour of her younger sisters (as per Aren tradition, most Aren princesses who marry foreign sovereigns forgo their own claim on the Aren crown, to prevent foreign rulers to try to inherit the Crown of Arendaal). Her father granted her the title of Grand Duchess of Vasterhølm upon her marriage (a rich region in the province/Grand Duchy of Skaneland).

Family, Marriage and ChildrenEdit

Katarina of Arendaal married King Armand Philippe of Montelimar in 2005. They have one son:


Queen Katarina's eight siblings are:

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Katarina von Nareath de Brissac's ancestors in four generations:

King Niklaas IV of Arendaal
Queen Freya I of Arendaal
Princess Karolina of Franken
King Sven V of Arendaal
King Henri XI of Montelimar
Prince Jean of Montelimar
Queen of Montelimar
King Edvard V of Arendaal
King of Suionia
King of Suionia
Queen of Suionia
Agneta of Suionia
Queen of Suionia
Katarina von Nareath de Brissac
King Alfred III of Franken
King Sebastian VI of Franken
Queen of Franken
King Jakob V of Franken
Queen of Franken
Princess Laura of Franken
Emperor of Serbovia
Emperor of Serbovia
Empress of Serbovia
Helena Dragovic of Serbovia
Empress of Serbovia

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Katarina von Nareath de Brissac, Queen of Montelimar
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Montelimar Royalty
Preceded by
von Gothmouge
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